January 15, 2009

The carousel dilemma

I feel like i'm constantly reminded that if we looked out for each other we'd be better off ourselves. another example of this is at the airport luggage carousel. 

yes, when we travel we are irritable. part nerves, part being in an inhospitable environment and a lot of just wanting to get where you're headed. so it's not a shock that we behave badly when we're on the road. perhaps the worst leg of this physical and mental roller-coaster comes when we've landed and are waiting for our luggage. it's the feeling of come on i'm so close to being home and yet i have to wait for this damn bag.

i hate checking luggage but with the new liquids requirement i have no choice. what can i say i'm a product whore and i need my shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, and so forth. 

so there i am standing side-by-side with a bunch of other annoyed travelers. everyone is so freakin eager to get their bag and get out that they're blocking my view. it is impossible to see your own luggage until it is right in front of your face. 

this is how it normally goes down:
johnny-tracksuit next to me is leaning so far over i'm hoping his head smashes into the metal railing. cindy mcnightmare nails is making noises like, "mmmhhh awwww excuse me, i think that's my... oh no sorry they all look alive, mmmgg awww excuse me..." the only one who is making me happy -- while simultaneously disgusted --is mary makeout who's so happy to be reunited with her boyfriend they haven't stopped sucking face long enough to notice the luggage is on the carousel. it makes me so much more frustrated when my bag passes, i lunge forward grab the edge and then almost fall over holding on for dear life to the scrap of the bag i can reach.

please help me and just take a small step backwards, widen the circle of people waiting and allow all of us to easily identify and collect our luggage.

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