January 15, 2009

Cutting in Line

So you're waiting in a long, chaotic line with converging branches. Maybe you're at the supermarket, maybe the ball park, whatever you and everyone else in line wants to get to the front. Some people are willing to squeeze their way in front of you. Nothing is more aggravating than watching this behavior. Not only is it rude, but it's frustrating to everyone else who's been waiting.

Often I don't feel comfortable directly confronting the person who directly stepped in front of me. It seems so obviously obnoxious that I'm left dumbstruck. Audacious behavior like this requires a group effort!

Ideally, the person behind me should say something. If you were behind me and you saw someone step in front of us you could say, "excuse me, but i think you just cut in front of this woman." Or if you feel like being more to the point, "excuse me, i know i was behind her, but i don't think i should be behind you. please respect the line. we're all waiting here."

This approach makes you look like a hero and also a common man. You're protecting your own interests under the guise of looking out for me!

So stand-up to that person two ahead of you in line. Let's take on the cutters TOGETHER!!!

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  1. this just happened. I walk into a take-out chinese food chain...Panda type place...and it's busy. There was about 10 people lined up. The back of the line was looking all mixed-up so I ask this lady and her young son if they are the "end of the line"

    ME - excuse me is this the end?
    LADY 1- yes! it's busy today!

    I take my place in line behind her. It quickly fills up with 5 more people behind me. Then another lady, this one with a little daughter, cuts into line with the lady 1 who was already ahead of me. This new one doesn't look back or say anything to me. She starts chatting it up with Lady 1. She was carrying s cup of frozen yogurt from the place next door.
    ME - excuse me, are you in line?
    LADY 2 - YES.
    LADY 1 - She's with me.
    LADY 2 - If you want me to go to the back, I will. Didn't know you'd get so annoyed.
    ME - well there are 5 people behind me..I just think it's rude, and yeah, I guess I am annoyed.

    Lady 2 gets out of line and waits at a table. I try to get on with my life.

    LADY 1 - she's my friend. I could see if it was a group of us. she was parking the car for me.

    ME - that wasn't the case. If you don't think cutting in line in front of 5 people isn't rude, then whatever.

    several moments pass....

    LADY 1 - you should be happy now, she's out of line. why are you so angry? why are you so rude?

    ME - I'm not angry, but you keep talking to me and questioning me. You think I'm rude? I don't really care. I'm not even talking to you anymore.

    Lady 1 - OMG you are so rude!! GASP!

    Lady 1 now gets out of line without ordering any food. She joins Lady 2 who is sitting at a table with her daughter eating thir frozen yogurt.

    I'm now wondering what the hell just happened. I order my food and I head straight to the door. I kinda feel bad...wtf.