January 15, 2009

I don't think you were hired to take those, SO PUT THE CAMERA DOWN

I can't even begin to count how many weddings i've been to where half the guest thought it was appropriate to snap photos during the ceremony. there seems to be a growing epidemic in our culture where people are addicted to taking pictures. i'll be the first to say i love looking at picts of my friends at parties, but when it's a personal, private party keep the camera at home.

maybe it's because we're all equipped with at least one camera -- on our cells -- at all times. i was recently at a bruins game and inside our box there was a dude snapping away. HELLO!! you're really going to hold on to those images and remember when tim thomas saved that goal -- not that you actually captured that moment, i have a hunch what he captured was more like teeny tiny people flying around a big oval. 

ok, so being distracted by this guy at a bruins game was annoying. but when i am trying to be polite by picking a seat near the back of a wedding ceremony and i miss the whole damn thing because those who took the good seats feels the need to stand up to get "the shot" and block all those behind them, then my friend i get pissed. i get pissed like a bruins fan with a mullet and too many miller lights in his belly.

because i believe there is a contagious nature to this problem it's imperative that people cut the cord. if i stand up to take a photo and you're sitting next to me with a camera, you might think i care more about the bride than you, because you're not snapping away. so you decide to stand up and join in the photographic pissing contest. or maybe you're behind me equipped with a camera and now that i'm blocking your view you decide to partake in the action, heck you have the equipment, even if all you really want is to be able to see the bride and groom. if this attitude continues the bride and groom will think they're receiving a standing ovation, while that's the best thing that could come out of this egregious behavior i'm still going to be pissed like a bruins fan. really pissed.

it's almost to the point where i'm starting to feel like these camera-happy morons are just a bunch of self-obsessed exhibitionists. when would you ever think it's ok to stand up in the middle of a ceremony? 

save your memory cards for later when people are drunk and acting goofy, not when it's serious and personal. if pictures of the ceremony are so important to you than i'm sure the professional photog will be happy to sell you some later. don't ruin it for the rest of the guests, you look like an ass standing there blocking our views. 

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