January 15, 2009

Office Kitchen Part 1

it's kind of funny that the office is such a cesspool for bad manners. wouldn't you think people would want to put their best foot forward at work? wouldn't you think you'd be embarrassed if your boss came over and saw your kitchen sink full of dirty dishes? so why is ok to treat the office kitchen any differently?

the poor microwave. seriously no one wants to clean it. and who can blame them for not wanting to touch it. some office microwaves are so gross the insides look more like a jackson polluck than a cooking apparatus. little bits of jim from accounting's pizza party, sally from legal's latest diet lunches and big brian from maintenance's leftover meatloaf dot the once white walls. it's disgusting. the bottom line: no one would use the damn thing if it weren't capable of cooking the crap out of your food, prevent any concern that germs were actually festering inside.

but what happens, poor mindy from down the hall always get's stuck cleaning it. does she enjoy cleaning it? nope, but she does it because her boss asked her to stock the kitchen and she feels responsible for it. she has to scrub and scrub to get it clean.

SOLUTION: when you're done using it just wipe it down. simple. easy.

we leave for the next person because we assume we won't get blamed. everyone does it. no one wipes after they're done. why should i? BECAUSE IT'S RUDE TO MAKE OR ADD TO A MESS.

you'll make mindy surprisingly happy if simply clean up after yourself.

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