January 29, 2009

The Wedding Gift

Wedding gifts have a lot of different standards. generally speaking you have 3 months to get it to the bride and groom after their nuptials. that whole 1 year thing is for lazy people who don't know the rules.

if you've traveled to a wedding you're not always expected to provide a present. it's a nice gesture and will surely be appreciated, but in our economy it's enough that you bought a plane ticket. that said, if you got in your car that doesn't count as traveling -- despite the price of gas. 

a general rule of thumb is to spend about $100. however, there are obvious exceptions. if it's you sister's friend who you grew-up with and haven't seen for more than 5 years it might be best to go in on the gift with your sis -- assuming she made the cut. also if it's a close friend and there's something special on her registry or that you know she'd love there's nothing wrong with spending more. 

i would also say -- having been a candidate for 27 dresses -- that if you've been involved with the shower, the bachelor or bachelorette party, etc you can think about how much you'd like to spend. in those cases you will probably want to spend $100, but most likely you've already spent way more than $100 on other presents and travel and shouldn't feel like you have to dish out  more if you don't want to. 

likewise, i always think it's super tacky when a bride or groom tries to see who was the cheapest or most generous. it often seems that those who have the most lavish weddings are the ones concerned with how much their gifts are worth. this seems weird. you just put on an elaborate wedding because you love each other and are excited about your future, so why do you care so much about how much people spent on you? 

(discuss amongst yourselves...) 

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